Thursday, December 22, 2016

Whitmore Library

Those who know me well know that my love of going to the library runs deep. Usually I take the girls to our local library, but we were getting a little bored of it. Since we are always looking for fun, free indoor activities to do in the winter (that hopefully aren't too germ infested), I decided to take the girls to checkout the next nearest library, the Whitmore Library, 

The girls loved it there, We read some books together, then went in the kids room. They had a train table and Christmas crafts set up. Esther made a ornament and a jingle bell necklace. 

They also had these fun little animal rocking horses that Esther loved. 

This library is part of the SLC network of libraries. They have 20 different branches in the Salt Lake Valley. I told Leland the girls and I would visit all of them. He thought I was joking ha. I probably won't visit them all but maybe ;)

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