Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day

 For Valentines Day this year we celebrated on the 13th because Leland had that day off. We also figured that restaurants would be less crowded (little did we know). In the morning  I put Esther in her Valentines Day outfit, which she has been wearing since October lol. She has such a funny personality, she was not a fan of the bow.

During the day we hung around the house to let Esther take her naps. Leland and I had fun making chocolate strawberries while she slept. They all got eaten before I could get a picture though. 

We had been planning for weeks to go eat at cheesecake factory that day. We drove 40 minutes to the closest one and got there right at 5:00. They already had an hour wait! Since I had to be back to go to work by 8 we decided to change plans and go to Olive Garden instead. The food there was great and the waiter was so nice.  He brought out a little fruit plate for Esther and didn't make us pay for it! She loved trying grapes for the first time. 

                                                                My two cute Valentines.

After dinner we headed to Ikea since we were nearby already. We got Esther a real dresser and it has been so nice! Who knew a real dresser could make such a difference? I made it back in time for work and ended the night with my two favorite people. 

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