Sunday, February 1, 2015

Water Baby

I haven't blogged much lately, sorry! Esther has been sick twice in the past three weeks, and has had four teeth break through in the past month. Also add in the fact that our camera has been breaking/taking blurry pictures, so I have had a hard time finding anything to blog about. But Esther has been changing so much these past few weeks! I just feel like she has been growing into a little toddler so quickly, so I want to be better at writing all these things down before I forget them.

Esther has always loved baths, but lately that has been taken to a whole new level! Anytime she hears the water running she runs/crawls to the bathroom to try to get in on the fun. I used to be able to put a few toys on the floor of the bathroom and she would happily play while I showered. (She does not tolerate being somewhere she is restricted i.e. the crib or the jumper). But the last few times I have tried this she will find her way under the shower curtain, and then dives head first into the shower. After a few frustrating showers I resolved to only shower while she's asleep. She has also discovered how to open the lid to the toilet and splash in the water there. I swear she can find water anywhere! Luckily we are getting better at remembering to close the bathroom door. 

In her own bath time she is completely fearless. She will spend the whole time trying to practice her standing by pulling up on the faucet, and also standing on one foot and splashing with the other. She has been known to put her whole face under the water. She usually holds her breath but the few times she has swallowed/inhaled water have scared me, so now I have to keep a hold on her at all times. 

We took her swimming to see if she would love it as much as the bath, but she was a little suspicious of all the older kids running around splashing and the cold water. Hopefully as it gets warmer she'll enjoy it more. 

Even though it is a little scary at times for me, I love that she loves water so much. No matter how unhappy she is throughout the day, she is always all smiles in the bath. 

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  1. Haha I love that she loves the water so much how cute!! Cam is the same way, even if he has been unhappy all day, he loves bath time!


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