Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SLC Library

The downtown Salt Lake City Library is probably my most favorite library that I've been to. I'm not really into architecture but this one is just so unique. I went for the first time last year with Esther and this was my second visit. It has 3 glass elevators and so many windows. In the children's section the entire ceiling is windows so it almost feels like you're outside. 

So funny story. When we were going in the elevator I had Adele in the single stroller and Esther walking beside me. As we were riding in the elevator to go down to the children's section an older lady was in the elevator with us. When it stopped at our floor Esther ran out the door and I was maneuvering the stroller amd I didn't get out before the door closed. The elevator started going up with myself, Adele and the old woman still inside. Since it was glass I could see her for a bit as we went up and she was just waiting there for us, so I wasn't too concerned. The lady though was just so worried "Oh my, I hope she's all right" and I was like "I think she'll just wait there". We were only separated for maybe 60 second but the old lady was just staring at me with the most concerned/judge-y look on her face the entire time. She didn't even get off at her floor but rode the elevator back down with me. I was never really that concerned but the way that lady was looking at me you'd think I abandoned my child ha. As soon as we got down Esther was standing there like nothing even happened. I was proud/happy/relieved that she didn't run off. As soon as I got out she held my hand again and we went on our way. Thinking back on it I was a little more worried about what could have happened to her, but that's how I always am, chill in the moment then super anxious about it later ha. Bottom line I will never ride the frontrunner/trax/subway alone with them. 

In the Children's section of the library there are two little rooms made for climbing I guess? This one is called "The Attic" and the other one is an ice cave. The ice cave was closed this time, sadly, but the girls had fun playing in the attic one. 

We read some books and playing with a few toys there. Then on the way back to the car I made sure to hold on to Esther's hand the entire way. 

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