Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sickness and a Hospital Stay

This past weekend was a doozy. On Friday Esther was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital after a routine ultrasound showed she had a kidney infection.

On Friday afternoon we had just gotten back from our trip to Vegas. We had an appointment at Primary Children's for an ultrasound of her kidneys/bladder since she has had a few recurring UTIs the past few months. We made the appointment a few weeks before, before her latest UTI had returned. 

Here she is being super brave for her ultrasound. 

After the ultrasound they didn't really tell me much, but I knew something was up. A radiologist came and told me she had a kidney infection and since she was on oral antibiotics and it kept coming back they recommended she be admitted for IV antibiotics. They took us to the ER to be admitted and luckily my sister Rickelle was there to help me with Adele. Rickelle went to go pick up Leland from work and we waited in the ER/ triage for a loooooong time. 

Esther was a trooper and liked watching all the movies they had on tv there. After a few hours they took us up to our room. Leland took Adele home while I stayed with Esther that night. I spent my first night away from Adele which was hard. Luckily she took breastmilk from Leland during the night and I was able to pump for her. 

At the hospital Esther wasn't really all that sick. She had a fever the first day but was acting normal most of the time. She did not like being cooped up in her room and quickly got bored of watching shows. Our saving grace was a playroom they had for the patients and their siblings. Esther loved that place. She made crafts, played with all the toys, and especially loved the toy Dr kits. 

Instead of a wheelchair we pushed her around the hospital in this car. She was a fan and made sure it came everywhere with us. When we got home she kept asking where her car was.

Luckily this all happened when Leland had a three day weekend off work for New Years. Leland and I switched off between being at the hospital and being home with Adele. On Sunday morning Adele started throwing up. ;( Turns out it was a stomach bug and she threw up for about 12 hours before she was better. On Monday morning, the day we were to be discharged, Esther started throwing up. :( It was super sad to see her act sick, and it meant she couldn't go to the toy room anymore. Luckily they discharged us any way because they knew it would be a short lived thing. All Esther had to do was keep down her oral antibiotics for 20 minutes. I was praying the whole time that she would. We were so ready to be home. Luckily she made it past the 20 minutes by about two minutes. 

We were finally discharged with our poor little girl who couldn't keep anything down and was acting way sicker than when we were admitted. She too was only sick for about 12 hours and is doing much better today. Last night when we got home I caught the stomach bug too. It made for a rough night, Now we are on the mend and probably never leaving our house again until spring ;) Esther has a few follow up appointments but hopefully we can be done with all these darn UTIs now.

This is probably more info than anyone wanted to know but I wanted to record it all so I can remember it. It did give me empathy for anyone who has kids in the hospital. We were only there three days and it was super hard, I can't imagine how hard it would be to have little one in the hospital for weeks or months. Thanks to all those who have helped us out, prayed for us, and came and visited us while there. We really appreciate it!  

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