Sunday, January 8, 2017


I keep hearing on social media everyone saying how awful 2016 was. I don't really agree with throwing out an entire year as bad, sure there were hard parts but for us 2016 was great. We didn't move this year (first time in our marriage :)), sweet baby Adele joined our family, and we did a lot of fun traveling and activities together as a family.

When we were driving home from the hospital with Esther the other day Leland joked that 2017 was already the worst year ever and it had only been two days ha. I don't think that's true, it started off a little rough but  I think it will be another great year.

I don't typically share my new years resolutions on the blog but I thought it would make me more accountable so here goes. Plus I love reading other people's too, I find it inspiring.

BUY A HOUSE: This is our main goal for 2017. When we were first married we made a goal to buy a house by our 5th anniversary and we have been planning/saving with that in mind. The timing is right with Leland having a stable job that he will likely be at for quite a few years. Our lease is up in July so it will be sometime this spring/summer. It can be a little stressful just thinking about it but also so exciting! I am so looking forward to having a yard and more space.

GO TO THE TEMPLE MORE OFTEN: We were big slackers when it came to temple attendance in 2016. Adele refused a bottle for most of the year so  I couldn't really leave her, but now that she's almost 1 we hope to be able to go much more often this year. I also hope to bring our own family names each time, which isn't too hard since there is a ton of work to be done on my side. Bonus is the built in date night we get when we go.

LOSE WEIGHT: I still have a lot of the baby weight from Adele to loose. I try not to worry about loosing weight right away but again, now that she is almost 1 it is time. Working out with kids around is not easy (can you tell I have a million excuses for all of these already 😉), but I am determined to figure something out, along with eating waaaaay better. Leland is also trying to lose weight and we are hoping having a house will help in this department. ( There is hardly even room to do anything let alone a workout in our current living room).

INVEST IN YOURSELF: So since having babies I have gotten into a bit of a funk/mom frump look. I can count on one hand the number clothes items I bought for myself this year. I am always buying clothes for the girls (which they don't even need!) and never for myself. I can drop $20 on eating out but when it comes to buying myself a $20 shirt I'm like 🙈. It is a little out of my comfort zone to try new clothes but that's what goals are for right?

MINIMALISM: So I'm sure most of you have heard of the lifestyle (fad?) that is minimalism. We watched a documentary on Netflix the other night  ( it is in 4k, the only way I got Leland to watch another documentary 😉) and it really got me thinking. So my goal is to stop buying things for the sake of buying thing, and to really only bring things into our home that add value to our life. Also to get rid of all the junk we have when we move. Maybe I'll do a whole post about this one cause like I said it really got me thinking.

For the girls we made a goal for each of them. For Esther it is to try at least one new activity, Maybe swim lessons or preschool or dance, we will have to decide but I know it would be so good for her and she would absolutely love it. For Adele our goal for her is to help her sleep through the night.

So there you have it, our goals for the new year. Here's to a new year and new beginnings! What are your goals for the new year?


  1. I thought 2016 was great as well! People are so negative now days and I feel most of them are complaining because they don't like the new President. I love your goals! We also watched that Minimalism documentary and we've been decluttering. It feels so good! Here's to a great year! :)

    1. Yes thats what I was thinking when I said people on social media. Yeah I noticed you pinned stuff about the capsule wardrobe too. Have you tried doing that?

  2. I have. Well, I should say I've started with that in mind. I've gone through my clothes pretty thoroughly; donated and thrown away stuff I never wear. I don't have an exact capsule wardrobe, but it has helped me a ton with my purchases. Now when I shop for clothes I feel like I make more deliberate clothing choices instead of just buying a top because it's sort of cute and on sale. It helps me really see what I need when I want to buy something and be happy with the purchase instead of just wasting money on sort of cute stuff that I usually don't wear as often. Haha. Sorry that is a lot of info, but it's so fun. I'm definitely still working on living more minimally in more aspects of my life. The book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" is an awesome book and supports the idea of only owning things you love, so kind of the same thing as minimalism in a way. Even though that book and the whole idea of minimalism has been trendy I like a lot of the ideas behind it.

    1. Oh yeah I totally need to do that too. I will definitely read the book. I had tried to find books like that at the library and came up with nothing, so thanks!


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