Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life Lately

Is it just me or are blogs making a comeback? Blogging is my favorite form of social media so I for one am glad to see blogging coming back. Here are many pictures of what we've been up to for the past little while.

A couple Saturdays ago we went sledding. It was around 20 degrees outside so we only went about 10 minutes. We are discovering Adele hates the cold so I'm not sure we will have another sledding adventure this year. It was fun though and Esther loved it. 

I took this picture of Adele asleep in her crib after church. So cute I wish I had more sleeping pictures of both of them. 

Instagram post about our hike yesterday: 

We attempted to go on a winter "hike" this morning. You might have thought we were in Antartica the way every one was acting. 😒 I guess these girls just have too much Texas in their blood. 😉 #epicfail #estherrefusedtowalk#betterworkoutformeatleast

Adele has recently discovered this doll that we got for Esther but Esther never really played with. She loves it and is always holding it and giving it kisses and chewing on it's hands. 

I have been pretty much terrified of ever leaving the house for fear of the girls getting sick. So when we do go out it's usually for short walks when it's not to cold. Or to the store. We will probably venture out a little more in the coming weeks because I am starting to get cabin fever, but maybe not. We shall see. These pictures are from our walks. 

We got a new organizer for Esther's toys and it has made a big difference in her room. Now she can get her toys out by herself. Since we have been home so much the girls have been playing a lot together. Dress up clothes are the favorite and Adele is always designated to be the fairy.  :)

Anytime I tell them to look for a picture they make these super serious faces ha. 

Sweet Adele taking a sink bath, Her mega rolls are slowly disappearing 😭 but I guess that had to happen sometime. Just stay my baby a little while longer Dell! 

I have been doing some fitbit step challenges with some friends and it has been awesome. It is super motivating. Before doing this I would normally get 4k-6k steps a day. This screenshot is from yesterday when I was trying to beat someone for the most steps in a day. Aside from our hike most of these steps were me running around our apartment 😂. Esther loves it when I run around doing "exercise". All these steps and I still didn't get first place! Anyways if anyone has a fitbit and wants to join give me your email address and I will add you. 

Here are some pictures of the girls and I before church today.

On Friday Esther napped so I decided to take her our for our first ever mommy-daughter date to see Moana, Leland stayed home with Adele so just her and I could go. She loved it and it was so fun to see her reactions to everything. I got popcorn and candy and she was in heaven eating all of it. The movie was great and we have been listenting to the soundtrack ever since. She did have a freak out when it was time to go and cried all the way home. I guess that's what I get for keeping her up past her bedtime, but it was fun other that that. :)

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