Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All Esther

Esther has been so hilarious lately. She is at the cutest age where she just talks and talks. I am loving this age so much. She rarely has tantrums anymore and is usually just easy going and funny. Here are some of the things she has been saying the past couple months. 

Talking about Santa
Me: yeah we have to wait a while before Santa comes
Esther: sits on bed "I wait right here for Santa


After I swaddled her cat for her
"That's not going to work"

Esther: *attempting to stroke my face* mama don't be upset, I'm going to watch a show.
Me: Esther, it's not time for shows right now.
Esther: Mama, slow down
Esther: calm down, it's a quiet show. Don't be mad Mama it's a quiet show.

Any man is automatically a "dada" .

Bunny in a car =zootopia 

Adele screaming in a car. "Be patient baby! You gotta be patient!"

Esther playing in the sink
Me: are you splashing?
E: Just a little bit mama

When she is frustrated she tends to scream, especially at Adele when she is doing something she doesn't like. So I explain to Esther she has to tell her no thank you nicely.
E: "I tell baby no thanks but she doesn't understand!"

Her favorite episode of Daniel Tiger is the Nutcracker Ballet, except she calls it the "Buttcracker Ballet". I was dying laughing. 

Me trying to talk her through her feelings
Me: Esther are you feeling sad?
Her: No I'm feeling mad, at you!

Every time she pees in the potty
E:"Clap Mama!"

I was nursing Adele on the couch
E: I want to try, let me have some of that Mama soup.

Me: What's wrong Adele? you look sad.
Esther: She misses Grandma's house.

To the cats at the animal shelter
Esther: Don't be worried, I'm here. It's ok, don't be worried kitties.

After I discovered Esther colored on her bed with crayon, I took her to the scene of the crime.
Me: Esther what is this on your bed?
E: It's Esther on a roller coaster!

What Esther calls the nativity pieces
Angel= Fairy Mary
(Fairy Mary is the name of a character. on Tinkerbell. )

Esther's sense of smell, is unparralled. If I eat a candy before coming into her room to lay with her at night she will say "I smell candy!". One night we had made popcorn after she was supposed to be asleep. I heard her awake in her room and went in. She had big tears in her eyes and said "I smell popcorn and you're eating it without me." Of course I had to let her come out and have some after that. 

When we were in the hospital they were putting Esther's IV in. It was way past her bedtime so she was pretty tired. She is always her funniest and most talkative when she is tired. They were going to give her a lidocane spray and they kept warning about a loud sound it would make. When they sprayed it she said " *gasp* that is my favorite sound!" ha. She was a champ for the IV too and didn't even flinch. 

She calls nail polish "paint nails". "I found the purple paint nails!"

Me: We can't watch anymore shows today we need to wait until tomorrow.
E: Take me to tomorrow! I don't want to be in today I want to go to tomorrow!

After Adele was trying to swipe Esther's food.
E: "Baby Dell is mean and she is a monster". 

E: This bracelet says "you be good".
 (It really says "say no to drugs" 😂)

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