Sunday, January 29, 2017

Adele's Birthday

I posted this collage of Adele's monthly pictures on IG on her birthday. Look at this baby! I of course love one month because newborns are my favorite, but look at 4 months! I am dying! Leland and I both agreed 6 months was her peak of chubbiness. 

Adele started her birthday off with a fall that left a giant goose egg and bruise right in the middle of her forehead. It looked really bad but luckily she only cried for a minute and after wrestling with her to keep an ice pack on her head it looked a lot better. 

We kept her birthday very low key because she is 1 and doesn't care and also because we are having a big birthday party for her in a few weeks. In the morning we ran some errands then we went to chick fil a for lunch. Adele loved all the food of course and also loved watching all the kids in the play place. Esther loved the playground and had no interest in eating ha. 

After lunch and naps we had Adele's cake. Like most one year olds she was just confused when we put the cake in front of her. I think we need to change the cake smash tradition from 1 year olds to 3 year olds. Now that would be entertaining!

Once we gave her a slice she went to town and loooooved it! She made a giant mess and ate almost the whole slice :)

Happy Birthday Baby Adele! 

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