Sunday, June 19, 2016

Zoo Day

Yesterday we went to the Hogle Zoo with Kylee, Chance and Rickelle. Even though we've been a few times Esther really loved it this time. She was more into the animals than ever and knew most of their names. I'll be the first to admit this post has waaaaaay too many pictures but I do what I please. 

These baby lions were so adorable. I loved them, It was just like Lion King with the mama cleaning all the babies. (Leland demands that I give him credit for that line haha).

Esther loved the elephants. 

With Aunt Kylee and Uncle Chance.

Adele had a lot of fun too. We tried to keep her in the shade, and I was nursing her a lot to keep her hydrated, so she's not in too many pictures. But she loved being outside and seeing all the people. 

Esther is finally not scared of Uncle Chance anymore :)

Esther's favorite part of the zoo were these polar bear statues. She kept hugging and kissing them and said "bye bye bears" when we left them. 

Still Adele's favorite place to be. 

Esther's first time having an ice cream cone. She was in heaven. 

Kylee and Chance bought Esther a bubble gun, :)

On the train. I promise Esther wasn't dying of heat stroke like it looks like here haha. She just gets red cheeks when it's hot, Adele does too. They get it from Leland's side of the family. 

Attempting a family picture...

 Adele is not amused....

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