Thursday, June 9, 2016

All Esther

It's been awhile since I've done an update on Esther. She is growing up so fast! She can speak in full sentences now and learns new words after only hearing them one time. She loves playing, climbing, shows and puzzles. She is so obsessed with puzzles. She has one wooden jigsaw puzzle that she probably does 20 times a day everyday haha. She loves going to church and has never once cried or been sad to go to nursery except once when we forgot fuzzy haha. 

She is a pretty good eater and her favorite foods are popcorn (hawcor), popsicles, smoothies, cheese, lunch meat, yougurt (yo-durt) strawberries and blueberries. She still drinks a sippy cup of milk before bed and naps which she calls "baba" and loves. She will pretty much eat anything with the right distractions. She also loves helping me cook and asks almost everyday to "mate cooties" (make cookies).

Esther loves Adele and hardly ever gets jealous of her anymore. She likes to do tummy time with her and loves to involve her in her games. She asks to hold her pretty often and likes to read her books too. Occasionally she is a little too rough with her but as Adele gets bigger I worry less about that. 

Esther is definitely still an extrovert and loves to be around people. She will warm up to anyone pretty quickly and is not afraid to talk to strangers. She will always tell the cashier "bye!" whenever we go to the store. She is still a little shy around other kids but is always quick to make friends. 

Esther is a much better sleeper than she used to be. She goes to sleep on her own. After we put her to bed she will play in her room for an hour or so then finally climb into bed and tuck herself in. There is usually no screaming or crying involved so we don't mind. For naps I still rock her to sleep which usually takes 20-30 minutes. It's a little hard to do sometimes with Adele's schedule but I do enjoy the time with her. She typically naps 1-2 hours everyday. At night she usually wakes up once or twice asking for us or water. Leland helps her during the night and sometimes ends up falling asleep in her room, which she loves. She even has a pillow that she has dubbed "Dada's pillow". 

As I said earlier she is quite the talker and says some funny things sometimes. Her most used phrases are demands like "I want mama!" or "I want dada" or "Esther do it!"/ (She is very much a 2 year old).  Here are some funny things she has said lately.

After feeling my legs
"Mama legs fuzzy."
I guess I need to shave more often!

Outside when it was really windy
"Esther blow away!"

Leland recently taught her the word armpit, so she will say to me "Mama where armpit" wanting me to point to mine haha. 

I notice her copying a lot of the things I say to her and Adele for instance she will say "Fuzzy you a seetheart (sweetheart)". 

Anytime we are in a parking lot she repeats "cars get you, cars get you" until we are safely across. 

While playing with Loki
"Loti, shate (shake)
Haha I thought this one was so funny because she was trying to teach him how to shake by grabbing his paw. She likes to discipline Loki a lot by saying "No No Loki" to practically anything he does.  

Esther is definitely a two year old. She likes to test her boundaries with nearly everything and is not afraid to have a full on meltdown no matter where we are. But she is also so sweet and smart. Looking at pictures like the one below I can almost picture what she will look like 5 and 10 years from now. Although I am a little sad she is leaving her babyhood behind I am excited to see her grow up. 

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