Monday, June 6, 2016

Trip Down South

Last week we made a trip down to Southern Utah to stay with my family. I was needing a break from the monotony of everyday life here and a trip to the sunshine was just what we needed. I left on Tuesday with the girls and Leland came down on Friday, then we all came back together on Monday. Esther did really well in the car. She is a pro at doing this drive by now. Adele, not so much ha. There was a lot of screaming involved. 

Esther loved playing outside all day everyday. She would play in the pool, jump on the trampoline, and bring all her toys outside. 

One day we went and checked out the St. George Children's Museum. Esther had a great time. It was fun and a lot cheaper than the children's museums up here.

Another day we went to the splash pad and the carousel that they have downtown.  Esther liked the splash pad but she loved it when Aunt Kel took her on the carousel the most. She kept asking to go see the horses.  Adele pretty much chilled and napped in the carrier where ever we went. She liked seeing my parents dog and cats too. 

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