Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This and That

  *So I am writing this post on my phone while nursing so excuse all the mistakes*

Leland got me a fitbit for my bday. I am loving it! This picture was from a really good day where I walked with the girls to the park twice in one day to get all my steps in. It really motivates me to get out of the house so I can reach those goals. I also like the sleep tracking. It records when you are asleep and when you are asleep but restless. It is a little depressing how badly I sleep with Adele in the bed. Even though i get like 7 or 8 hours a night, I never go more than an hour or two without being restless. More on that later. 

Esther has been so funny lately. She is obsessed with Little Bear. I guess on one of  episodes there is a fox named Poppy. So one day she started calling Loki Poppy. I had no idea what she was talking about until Leland reminded me it was from Little Bear lol. Another thing she does is when she sees clouds she will say "I see Dumbo" or "I see babies (from Up)". She has quite the imagination. 
She will always ask me to "go in a dark dark cave" meaning she wants me to put a blanket over both of our heads haha. 

So a few days ago I was having a really bad day and I decided to take the girls to see Finding Dory to cheer us all up. Well it wasn't the best idea. I made the mistake of getting there on time so we had to sit through the previews. Most of which Esther dubbed as scary (Ghostbustets, Monster Trucks and Pete's Dragon). Then she was good for about an hour as long as I fed her snacks (which we brought from home #rebels). During that hour Adele was pretty fussy and I was nursing her off and on trying to get her to sleep. Finally i got her to sleep and thought we were good to go. Well Esther started getting restless and running up the aisles and eating popcorn off the floor so we left. Moral of the story: Don't take 2 babies to a movie by yourself. 

Sleep: Is trying to force kids to sleep the worst part of parenting for anyone else or just us? Are we just bad parents? Did we just get bad sleepers? Probably both. Do other people have bad sleepers and just never talk about it? Please tell me yes. I am so sick of people asking me if Adele sleeps through the night yet. It's like the first question random people ask at the store or church or whatever. Also asking if she is a "good baby". So if she wakes up a lot does that make her a "bad baby"? Ugh. So to answer all the questions, no she doesn't sleep through the night. Faaaaaar from it. Esther doesn't either. Though she is getting much better and does occasionally. 
 So just a little PSA: Please don't inquire about my children's sleep habits or offer your advice on how to get them to sleep. Unless you are offering solidarity or paying to hire me a sleep trainer (it is a real thing Ive looked into it lol) your comments are probably just going to make me feel worse. Part of me thinks I just need to embrace it and buy a king bed and let them all sleep with us. I read that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt "practice family bedsharing" so apparently it's all the rage these days. Ok end rant.

Photo Dump: (Adele is way easier to get pics of which is why these are all of her.)

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