Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to the best Dada around! 

Leland doesn't get much of the spotlight here on the blog, but he really is super dad (and super husband :)

He loves our little girls with all his heart (and has never been disappointed at having only girls). 

He is so eager to teach them things. 

He is expert at getting Adele to sleep.

Basically he's just amazing. 
Happy Father's Day Leland!


Since we are celebrating Leland today I thought I would add some of his funny quotes that he's been saying recently (aka Loquacious Leland) 

"I just love hugging Adele, she's just so squishy".

"I just really want to have seven kids so that our child can be the seventh child of a seventh child."  

Every time we get in the car the song "Lost Boys" seems to come on. These are his different comments about the song:
"Is this a girl singing about being a lost boy?"
"Woods and Hook don't rhyme"
"Is this song like for a movie or something?"
"So it's just a song about peter pan?"
"Oh, so she's supposed to be Wendy?"

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