Thursday, June 30, 2016

Five Months Old

Adele is five months old now! It's crazy how much time flies. I know I say that every month haha. Looking back on Esther's 5 month post, it's crazy how different these two are, and how different we are as parents. By 5 months Esther was already in her own room in her crib and sleep trained. Back when Esther was a baby I was working so it was important that she be on a good schedule and able to go to sleep for Leland. Esther seemed like a big baby already at five months. Adele on the other hand is no where near sleep trained, and she still seems like a little (not so little) baby in a lot of ways. I think it's because I'm a little more relaxed this time (easier to be when I'm not working) and I'm content to just let her be a baby for a little longer.

Adele has developed so much this past month. She grabs at everything now and it all goes straight to her mouth. She loves tummy time and will happily play on a blanket for an hour or so, as long as I am in sight. She is getting stronger but still not very close to sitting up. 

Adele went through the 4 month sleep regression right at 4 months, and was only taking 20 minute naps. That was hard. But she has since gone back to taking good naps, though they are almost always in her swing. That thing is a life saver. Her night sleep is erratic (see last post) and sleeping in our bed is the only way anyone gets any sleep. 

Adele still refuses all bottles and pacifiers. I haven't left her for more than an hour or so with Leland. I've given up on her taking a bottle now and I am just waiting until she starts solids, hopefully then we can leave her for a little longer and get some dates nights in again :)

Adele is now in size 4 diapers and wears size 6-12 month clothes. She is still our big girl but I have a feeling she'll be thinning out over the next few months. 

Aside from being a horrible sleeper, Adele is a very happy and easy going baby. Even when she hardly sleeps she is a happy girl, laughing and giggling and talking to herself. At night when she doesn't want to sleep she just lays in between us and talks to herself lol. It seems the only time she cries badly is when she is hungry which is very hard to predict as sometimes she will go 5 hours during the day and be perfectly happy and other times she will be upset only 30 minutes after I fed her. 

Esther was desperately wanting to be involved in this photo shoot, she even got her headband all set, just like Adele, for the pictures :)

vvvv This one cracks me up!

Adele and Esther really love each other. I'm excited to see them grow up together. :)

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