Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Love

I always loved summer and winter growing up, but since having kids I have really become a fan of October. The weather is nearly perfect so we can go outside everyday and spend hours without getting too hot or too cold. Not to mention all the fun activities going on and Halloween, This October we have been spending tons of time outside and loving it. 

Look at this big girl who can suddenly stand! Now I know walking is just around the corner. Thought makes me a little sad but a little happy too because I know she'll be adorable toddling around after Esther. 

The other day we went to a park that is just 5 minutes from our house. It has a little path that goes into "dark woods" as Esther calls them. She was telling me all about how a "tider lives in dere" ha. 

The Autumn colors were beautiful at this park. I got some cute impromptu photos of the girls in the leaves. 

Balancing a leaf on her hand, look at that skill!

I love how whenever Adele gets laughing hard you can't even see her eyes :)

Before church the other day. I love these three cuties of mine.

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