Monday, October 10, 2016

Life Lately

So not a lot has been going on lately. I have been trying to spend more time working on our yearly photobook to get it done in time for Christmas. Which takes time from blogging. It takes a long time because I import all the blog posts as well as all the other pictures I take. I have also been trying to burn our home videos onto dvds. Which also takes forever. I love having all of the photos and videos physically so it's worth it. 

Yesterday we went to Kylee's house to decorate Halloween cookies. Esther and Adele both love the extra attention and the cookies :)

We have been loving the fall weather. I got a used jogging stroller off of ksl for cheap and I have been running with the girls a few times. Adele loves it. Esther has to be bribed with crackers ha. But they both do pretty well and lucky for them I can only go for short runs right now. Running outside is my preferred form of exercise so I'm glad to have a way to do it again. 

I'm excited for the Halloween and all the fun fall activities we have planned. Esther and Adele have the cutest costumes in the works and I can't wait to see them dressed up! 
Happy Monday!

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