Tuesday, October 4, 2016

8 Months Old

Adele turned 8 months old on September 28th. I know I say this every month but she is getting so big! She still doesn't crawl but scoots every where on her belly. She still doesn't have any teeth but I can feel her bottom ones beneath the gums. She is generally a happy baby. She loves attention and hasn't shown much fear of strangers yet. 

I was super rushed doing her monthly photos so these didn't turn out very well this time :(.

Adele is getting to be a better sleeper. I am hopeful that sleeping through the night is in our near future. (finger's crossed!). Right now she sleeps from 7pm-11, then feed, 11-4ish then feed, then 4-7 or 8am. She takes 3 short naps a day and sleeps 100% in her crib now. She still loves breastfeeding and refuses to take a bottle. She loves all solid foods. Food is really her most favorite thing ever haha. She loves everything she tries. 

Adele loves to be silly. She does this funny thing where she will put whatever she is holding on her head. It is so funny to see her chubby little arms barely being able to touch the top of her head haha. I haven't been able to get a picture but it's adorable. 

Adele loves to be outside, playing with Esther and scooting around to explore. She hates getting dressed or a diaper change. She seriously cries worse for diaper changes than she does for shots. Hopefully that is just a short phase. 

Esther and Adele really love each other, until Adele goes for the hair and then it's all over. 

Time is so strange when you have a baby. It is crazy that Adele has only been here 8 months but at the same time it feels like just yesterday she was a newborn. It is a little sad how fast she is growing up but she doesn't seem in such a rush to grow up as Esther was/is, so maybe she can be my little baby for a while longer. 

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