Friday, October 14, 2016

5 Things for Friday

1. Fridays Y'all
Ok so I don't know why everyone loves Friday's so much. Friday's are by far my hardest day. The weekend is when I get extra sleep which make Mondays my best and most productive day. Then I just fizzle out a little more each day. By Friday I am just so tired I usually never get much done and it's just counting down the hours until Leland gets home. Today has been pretty good though, all things considered.

2. Transitioning from Nap to Quiet Time

So for the past few months Esther has been napping less and less. Now her last nap was 3 days ago and it feels like 3 years ago because naps are how I keep my sanity. On days where she doesn't nap she does quiet time for 45 minutes to an hour. Which means she has to stay in her room and she can do whatever she wants in there but can't come out until I come get her. She is happy to do it and knows the routine by now. But naps are soooooo much better ha. Although when she does nap it makes bedtime a nightmare. When she doesn't nap she'll sleep 7pm-7am which is nice but then I miss her at night so I'd rather have the naps. It just seems like 2.5 is so young to quit napping. I thought we had another 6 months at least.

3. The Cursed Honda
So we are typically big fans of Walmart over here and we usually go there to get our oil changed. So on Wednesday I went with the girls and got an oil change and we looked at the toys while we waited and everything was fine. Fast forward to Thursday night and I am driving to do my visiting teaching and the oil light keeps flashing. I was just about there so I keep going and get there and when I come back to the car I call Leland and tell him what is going on. I decide to ditch the car so walk home to be with the girls and Leland leaves to go fix it. Long story short, Walmart messed something up when they changed the oil so the oil filter cracked and all the oil poured out. Luckily it didn't do any damage and Leland was able to fix it with the help of a guy from our ward. But ugh it was a huge hassle. Tonight Leland is going to take it back to walmart and demand a refund (because I don't deal with confrontation lol). Hopefully they give us one. I joke with Leland that the Honda is cursed because it seems like something is always going on with it.

4. Pinterest and Creative To Do List

I have recently taken a break from Pinterest for the last few months and it has been great! I used to browse it almost every night and a lot of times while feeding Adele. And then I realized that it just made me feel depressed because I was comparing myself to all these other people and It also made me feel stressed and less creative with all the information overload. For me when I have an idea that never happens it makes me feel stressed I guess. Plus just looking at all those ideas just makes me feel like that is more and more stuff that I "need" to be doing. So anyways I stopped browsing and now I only use it when I already have a specific idea of what I want to do and I just need a little inspiration. I also made a little list of creative things I want to do. I felt silly at first but it's actually helped me focus on what I want to do and actually learn new skills instead of just pinning a bunch of crap that will never happen. Ok this is getting way to long but here is my list that I plan to finish before Christmas.
1.Make 2015 photo/blog book ( I'm like 25% done)
2.Can Something (check, we made salsa a few weeks ago)
3. Make a quiet book for the girls (haven't started yet)
4. Crochet a hat (I started making a bonnet for Adele last night and it is huge so it will be for Esther but other than that it's going great)

So anyways, this is super long, but bottom line a Pinterest break has been great for me.

5. Photo Spam 

Adele loved her peach at the Farmer's Market this morning 

Me and my #1 girl

Awk family photos from our fhe on Monday

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