Saturday, July 16, 2016

Two Little Girls

So I have always thought Adele and Esther look a lot alike but lately it seems like Adele is really developing her own look. I was looking through old pictures and decided to do some side by sides to see how these two girls compare. Also while looking through old pictures I realized that our apartment now has the worst lighting of all we've lived at and that makes me sad because the pictures do not turn out as well. Oh well. Onward.

To start us off here are both girls at 2 months old. I don't think they look very much alike here. (Esther left, Adele right)

Here we have their profiles. Esther is 6 months old in this and Adele is just shy of 6 months. I think they look super similar here. I love these baby profiles so much! (Adele left, Esther right)

Next we have the chub comparison while they both sit in the high chair at 5 months. Adele is the clear winner here. 

The scowl comparison: 

So do these girls look alike? Yay or nay? 

I think they have similarities but Adele seems to have darker features than Esther did at this age so maybe they'll stick. Also this post made me miss baby Esther, It's so crazy to see her so tiny and hardly remember what she was like at that age ( I blame sleep deprivation). 

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