Thursday, July 28, 2016

3 Day Weekend

 Last weekend Leland had Monday off for Pioneer Day. We decided at the last minute to take a trip down to my parents house. They are moving soon so we decided to go play at their house and pool one last time. Esther had a blast like she always does. Adele had fun rolling around and exploring a new place too. We didn't venture out much since it was over 105 degrees every day we were there. It was fun to play outside and relax though. Both girls did way better with sleeping there this time too so that was a relief.

Swimming with Dada and Ruby

Play hard, Nap hard

I love how you can see the reflection in the window of me and Leland trying to get them to look and smile haha. 

The last night we were there we had a "glow night" and put glow sticks in the pool, ate smore's and played 20 questions in the hot tub, Esther was loving it and the only way we could get her to come in was to promise she could sleep with all the glow sticks lol. Adele also loved splashing in the hot tub. 

Esther is trying to lick the water lol

That flash gets you every time haha

Grandma spoiled Esther with popsicles and Adele with her first taste of watermelon. 


  1. I can't get over Adele's rolls! So cute! And Esther is growing up so fast! Where are your parents moving to?!

    1. Haha yeah me neither I just keep taking a million pictures of her. They are just moving to Hurricane, so not too far :)


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