Thursday, July 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday

So I have been going through old pictures and putting them into photo books. I thought it would be fun to post some of these old pictures here for memories sake :)

Baby Esther around 7 months old. Who is this child? haha

My pregnancy test with Esther. (Old phone pic)

 Back when I used to ask Leland to send me selfies when we were dating long distance haha. (I really need the cry/laugh emoji right now!)

 My pregnancy test with Adele. Some peeps probably think this is gross but at least I don't save the actual peed on test. 

 A few pics of me and E from last summer. Also hopefully I will be that skinny again soon lol

One of my last pregnancy pics with Adele. 

Newborn Adele and Loki. What happened to that tiny baby. This was only 5 months ago!

Awww Give me all the newborns!!!!!


  1. Hi Courtney!
    Such cute pictures...I love looking at old pics!
    So I saw your comment on my blog...and then somehow deleted it while trying to reply. All three of my babies have been amazing sleepers with pretty much no help from me for the first 4-6 months of their lives...and then it goes downhill. And never gets better, haha. Right now all 5 of us are sleeping in our room, because Joey and I gave up trying to keep them in their own rooms so we let the big boys sneak in every night and sleep on the floor. Haha. Around 6 months Major started waking up literally every 45 minutes, so I'm not holding my breath expecting Breaker to continue to be a good sleeper! I actually just ordered the Zippadeezip today after one of my friends recommended it, because Breaker has already started waking up more. Up until now I have sworn my the Miracle Blanket but he's starting to roll over so I'm working on not swaddling him. I will say that with all three of my kids I've noticed the better they sleep during the day for naps, the better they sleep at night! Sorry this is so long winded...I can't help myself! Good luck getting your girl to sleep!!!

    1. Thanks for the response! Yes my 6 month old is still swaddled too so maybe we should look into the zipadeezip. That's awesome that your babies sleep great at first too bad it doesn't last. Haha. We are kind of in the same boat with Esther coming into our bed everynight but we will be trying some sleep methods soon, so if they work I will probably blog about it :)


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