Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July

It seems like a lot of people had things going on on Saturday before the 4th but we didn't have any plans. So we asked Kylee to watch the girls and went on a date to Olive Garden, It was our first "real" date since Adele has been born and it was nice to get away and have some good conversation :)

On Monday morning we set out bright and early (for us, 8:30) for the parade. Esther loved the parade. She liked getting the candy and seeing all the floats and mascots. Adele was happy too. 

After the parade we came home to rest and take naps. I made this patriotic cake. It was made with jello mix and turned out a little weird, but still patriotic. If anyone has any better 4th of July recipes hit me up. 

After naps we headed back to the park for a little carnival they were having there. We just caught the tail end of it but it was still fun. Esther and Leland had fun flying a kite and actually got it in the air this time. 

Esther loved the little swing ride, at first, then it started going to fast and she started saying "get off" lol. 

Esther had the time of her life with all the junk food, rides and prizes. 

That night we weren't planning on going to the fireworks since they didn't start until 10pm, but by 9:30 Esther was still awake and was looking out her window at all the fireworks. We got her out of bed and told her we were going to see the fireworks. She was so happy! She kept shouting "Hooray! Fireworks!" Lol. Luckily Adele stayed asleep the whole time until the fireworks actually started then she of course woke up, We didn't get home until late and Esther has been asking to go to see fireworks every night at bedtime now, so maybe it wasn't the best idea, but fun nonetheless. 


  1. I think Adele looks a lot like Leland's mom.

    1. Yeah I can see some similarlies too.

  2. Glad you had a fun 4th! Adele is such a cute, happy baby! That picture of Esther taking a bite of cotton candy: classic! Here are some fun recipes for 4th of July desserts:

    And 4th of July food:

    Let me know if the links don't work for some reason and I'll email them to you! I'm a sucker for anything Betty Crocker!

    1. Thanks for those! This recipe I tried was betty crocker but I think i must have done something wrong cause the cake was like infused with jello lol. But yes i will try more Betty crocker next year :)

      I always appreciate your comments. I hope you guys are doing well!


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