Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two Months

As of Monday Adele is two months old! At her appointment she weighed 13lbs 7oz (99th %) and was 23.5 inches long (95th %). She is our big girl! I can't believe she's gained 5 pounds since she's been born. But I shouldn't really be surprised because this girl loves her milk. She wears size 2 diapers (barely). I think she could fit in size 3 already but we bought a big box of size 2 so we're trying to make them fit until they are gone. She wears 3-6 month clothes. Most of her 0-3 months are too small. Some of the 6 month clothes are a little big but a lot of them fit. It's just crazy how big she is. People always assume she's 3-4 months old because of how big she is. The Dr said I must be feeding her pure cream and I'm pretty sure she's right lol. 

Adele is a very happy baby as long as she's not tired or hungry. She doesn't like to be left alone where she can't see anyone. Especially when she's in her car seat in the car. 

She has a little bit of reflux anytime she's flat on her back. So during the day she still sleeps in her swing or on the go.( Also our swing just broke! We've been trying to survive without but I think we may need to just buy a new one so she'll nap well again.)
 She also sleeps great propped up on the boppy but since that's not exactly safe I only do that when I'm in the same room as her and can keep an eye on her. But I'm pretty sure she would sleep through the night if I allowed her to sleep on the boppy. During the night she starts off in the bassinet (which is also propped at an angle) and then comes into our bed for nursing. Some nights she does great and goes for 4-6 hour stretches and other nights it's every 2 hours or less.

Around 5 weeks Adele first started smiling. Now she smiles all the time. She loves being talked to by anyone and will give big smiles when you talk to her. She recognizes my face now and smiles when she sees me. It is adorable and makes all those night wakings worth it! 

She is really just a happy and calm baby. I'm so glad I got two happy babies so far. My theory is that chubby baby = happy baby so hopefully they will all be relatively easy. She was just so cute and smiley for these pictures that I had to take a million. We sure love you baby Adele!

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