Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Week

For Easter week I had big plans to do a little lesson and activity each day of the week that corrosponded to what Jesus did on that day during the last week of his life. We were not good at doing this. Especially because Esther goes to bed early it was always a rush to get things together after dinner. Anyways we tried and maybe we'll do better next year. 

On Monday we made palm leaves and sang the Primary song "Easter Hosanna". Esther loved it so much. She was waving the leaves all night lol. Also Loki photobombs pretty much every picture I try to take. 

On Wednesday we dyed Easter eggs. Esther also loved this activity. Too bad no one else in the family would eat the hard boiled eggs except for me.

On Saturday I woke up sick. Leland had the flu a couple of weeks before and gave it to me. So we didn't really do very much. I set out Esther's Easter basket and we did a little egg hunt in our living room. It was pretty lame but Esther doesn't know any different haha. 

On Sunday I was feeling well enough to go to church. I was so excited for Esther and Adele to wear their Easter dresses. I tried very hard to get a good picture of them without very much success. Even though it was low key we had a good day. Happy Easter! 

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