Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Month Old

On Sunday Adele turned one month old! This past month has flown by, Adele is just the sweetest baby. She only ever cries if she is hungry or very tired. We've been lucky to get two easy babies so far. 

Adele is getting so big. She outgrew most of her newborn clothes by about two weeks, and only fit into newborn diapers for about two days haha. At her two week check up she weighed 9lbs 2oz, so I am guessing she is close to 10 lbs by now. Adele loves her milky and usually eats every 2-2.5 hours round the clock. If I am luckily she will usually sleep one 3-4 hour stretch per night. Surprisingly I don't feel as tired this time as I did when Esther was this age, even though Esther was a much better sleeper as a newborn. I guess I've just gotten used to waking up a lot. 

Adele is quite the picky sleeper. If she is being held or in a carrier she will sleep great, but as soon as we put her in her bassinet she wakes up and fusses to be held. During the day we compromise by having her sleep in her swing. At night she usually ends up in our bed most of the night. We bought a little co-sleeper bassinet that fits in our bed with us, but she of course hates that too. She also has to be soothed to sleep, if I let her she will just stay awake staring around for 4 hours before getting upset.And by that time it is so hard to get her to sleep that it takes an hour of rocking, so we try to limit her awake time to an hour or so so she doesn't get overtired. But I'm glad that even when she is awake she just fusses a little, never screaming. 

We love having Adele in our family. I don't even mind the waking up at night that much because I know this is such a short time and before I know it she will be a toddler! 

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