Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disneyland Trip

We just got back a few days ago from our Disneyland Trip. We had a great time! Esther and Adele did way better than I thought they would. Esther had a few tantrums, but not really anymore than she has at home. Adele did great and was great at sleeping on the go the whole trip. 

The rest of my family drove, but we decided to fly since we had some free tickets from Southwest that we were needing to use up, plus I didn't want to drive 12 hours with a newborn and a 2 year old. We left on Saturday and we rode the trax to the airport, then waited in a very long line for check-in and security (I guess the weekend before spring break is always crazy), then flew 2 hours to LA, landed and got our baggage, then took a bus to our hotel next to disneyland. It was a long day and Esther didn't get a nap but she did pretty well. We kept her entertained with lots of movies and new toys. 

Adele was a little angel on our flight. There were 8 lap babies and tons of kids on our flight and I think she was one of the quietest ones. 

On Saturday night we went to our hotel and then Leland went to get us dinner, we got both girls to sleep and watched TV then went to bed early ourselves. Then we had to walk to our other hotel that we would be staying at with the rest of my family for the week. We dropped off our luggage there then had to wait 3 hours until we could check into our room. That was probably the hardest part of the trip but again it wasn't as bad as it could have been, Later that day my family got to the hotel. We hung out and the next day was the first of our 3 days in Disneyland. 

Esther loved all the rides and really wasn't scared of any of them. While we were waiting in line she would be happily screaming "RIDE IT!!!". It was a good lesson in waiting for her haha, 

Adele was able to go on most of the rides with us, and she pretty much slept the whole time. My family was also great about waiting with her and Esther while me and Leland went on the rides they couldn't. 

The first day we took Esther back to the hotel for a nap, but the other two days she slept in the stroller. This was the first time in like a year she's fallen asleep in the stroller so I was very glad. She really needed the rest and it made waiting with her much easier. She fell asleep eating cheetos in this picture lol. 

Esther LOVED the dumbo ride. I'm pretty sure she thought she was actually flying with Dumbo ;)

It was Leland's first time to Disneyland. He had fun on the rides but he really liked seeing Esther's reactions to all the rides, I did too. 

Esther with Aunt Kylee. 

Esther called Disneyland "Mouse House" because of mickey mouse haha. Every morning she would watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and be exited to go to the real mouse house. (Sidenote, she woke up at 4:30 one morning and about 6:30 all the other mornings :( )

Riding Dumbo again :)

Esther loves Sulley from Monster's Inc. I'm pretty sure Esther would have been scared to be close to him but she liked looking at him from a distance and loved the Monster's Inc ride. 

Meeting Tigger. Esther is like nope haha

Adele liked being outside and loved being held so much by everyone. 

The first night we were there we wanted Esther to see the fireworks so we stayed in the park until 9, only to have them be cancelled because of wind. At least she got to see this cool light parade. 

We wore Adele in the carrier, until it got too hot, but it made taking her on rides so much easier. 

The whole family (Adele is in the back of the stroller sleeping)

Splash mountain! It was really cold so no one wanted to get wet. 

Flying into SLC

Esther was a little harder on the trip home, this was one of the few times she was sitting still. 

As soon as we got Esther in the stroller her and Adele were out cold. 

Ever since we've been home Esther has been obessed with all things Princess. Anytime I wear a dress she calls me a Princess haha. And she loves putting on my shoes calling them princess shoes. I guess it's time we got her some dress up clothes.

All in all we had a great trip! I hope we can go back again when both girls will remember it more, but for now I have all these pictures to show them to prove they went haha.  

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