Sunday, March 13, 2016

Esther's Second Birthday

For Esther's Birthday this year we just celebrated as a family at home since the next day we were leaving for Disneyland. The night before we got balloons and put them in the living room for her to wake up too. She loved it! She loves balloons thanks to the movie UP. When Leland came home for lunch we had her open her presents, which included new shoes and a little toddler scooter. She loved the shoes and liked the idea of the scooter but she doesn't quite know how to ride it yet. Later for dinner we had hot dogs and fries, her two favorite foods. She was so excited for the hot dogs and loved them more than her cake and ice cream lol. After dinner we sang to her and gave her a cupcake. She ate the sprinkles but didn't really eat the cake. 

Here are the pictures from the day:

Waking up to balloons
 Showing her balloons to baby "Dell" 

I attempted to do her hair cute for her birthday, it lasted about an hour before she wanted all the elastics out. 

 Eating lunch with her balloons

While we were singing to her

I have a feeling that this "smile" is going to be showing up in her school pictures haha. My brother Bennett would do the exact same thing whenever we would tell him to smile lol. 

Eating the sprinkles

Esther may be a handful some (or most) of the time, but she is just the sweetest girl. She will give kisses and hugs to pretty much anyone, and she tells me she loves me unprompted almost everyday now. She is very willing to help me and whenever I am doing something she will grab her stool and run over saying "I helper". She loves her baby sister and always wants to make sure she's included in everything we're doing. When we eat dinner she tells me to put Adele next to her so she can be with us while she eats. I really wanted her to have a great birthday and by the end of the day she started calling her birthday "my happy" so I hope she did. I sure do love you little E, Happy Birthday!

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