Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day

Today was Valentines Day. We celebrated both yesterday and today and had a lot of fun. On Saturday we went to Walmart and picked out presents for each other. They didn't exactly stay a secret because we kept running into each other, but it was fun. We got a balloon for Esther and she has loved it. She wanted to sleep with it the first night we got it haha. 

After Walmart and naps we made chocolate covered strawberries. Esther loved helping. It is fun that she is getting older and big enough to participate in things now. 

Leland hates posing for pictures ;)

Later that afternoon we went on a walk to go feed the ducks. Leland wore Adele in the carrier so that I was able to run around with Esther more. She loved getting outside after being inside for so long due to sickness and then the inversion being so bad. 

We finished off Saturday night by putting Esther to bed (by herself #sleeptrainingforthewin), then we stayed up way too late watching The Help.

Today, Sunday, was our first time back at church since Adele has been born. Esther lasted like 30 minutes in Sacrament meeting before I had to take her out, which is probably a record for her haha. 

 Both girls in their dresses.

 This is the present I had Adele and Esther make for Leland. 

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