Monday, February 22, 2016

Ten Things for Tuesday

1. Esther is going to be 2 in less than two weeks! I can't believe it, Ever since Adele has been born she has seemed so big and grown up. She is sleep training like a champ, she even went to sleep tonight by herself with zero crying. I am so proud! She is so imaginative and funny. I'll do a full update when I write her two year post. 

2. Adele is 3 weeks old. I can't believe how fast time passes. I love love newborns and it's not fair that pregnancy lasts so long and you only get a newborn for a couple of months. I took this picture yesterday at church. I love being able to rock a baby in the mother's room again. 

3. Now that Adele is waking up a little more her personality is coming out. She seems to be a pretty content baby, but if she stays up for more than an hour or so at a time then it is really hard to get her to sleep. She still has her days and nights a little mixed up. The above picture is from the other night at 3am after an hour plus of trying to get her to sleep. Good thing she's so darn cute :)

4. Esther is obsessed lately with doing dishes, or "wishes" as she calls them. She will stand by the sink and say "wishes peeeeeas" while doing the sign for please haha. If I don't say yes she will drag a chair over and help herself. We've been doing them together everyday and she is getting much better at keeping the water in the sink. Let's hope she doesn't outgrow her love of doing "wishes". 

5. We aren't really planning anything big for Esther's birthday because a few days after her birthday we are going to Disneyland! My family has been planning to go for a while and we are excited. We are going to fly there so that should be an adventure. Luckily it's just a 90 minute flight with no layovers. I am excited for Esther to experience it all. She recognizes mickey and minnie mouse and she is starting to love Cinderella and anything princess. We are looking forward to it, but if anyone has any tips for doing Disneyland with a newborn and 2 year old throw them my way. 

6. I love this picture of Leland and both girls. He is the best dad, especially the best girl dad. He says he won't mind if we have all girls :) He is always playing with and reading to Esther and he is so protective of both of them. He has also been heading up most of Esther's sleep training while I take care of Adele all night. Basically he is the best :)

7. We went to the Provo Temple open house on Saturday. This picture is courtesy of Leland's brother Kent haha. We didn't give him much to work with. Esther was wiggly the whole time and the lines were long but it is such a beautiful temple. Our first apartment was only 3 blocks from this temple so I walked and drove by it all the time as it was being built. It was cool to see it all finished and totally made me sad that we don't live in Provo anymore. 

 Adele (above) and Esther (below), both about 3 weeks.

 8. I didn't even realize that I had taken two similar pictures until I started this post and remembered a very similar picture I took of Esther in those same pajamas. I think these babies look so much alike, I feel like they are basically twins, but at the same time I look at the above picture of Esther and I'm like who is that baby? Because it looks nothing like her now haha. So who knows what Adele will look like.

9. Esther is officially binky free! I was dreading the day we had to take away her binky's but it was actually way easier than I thought. Since she was sick and congested for the past few weeks she couldn't breathe through her mouth and couldn't suck on her binky. She would just stick it in her mouth and hold it between her teeth. She ended up biting holes in all of them since she would just chew on them all night. So slowly she started to just fall asleep without them. After a few days we decided we wouldn't give one to her unless she asked for one. She hasn't had one since and she hasn't really asked either. If she has it's been in the car or at the store and it's been easy to distract her. It makes me a little sad that she's done because it means she's a grown up toddler now, but I'm very glad it was so easy. I think the fact that she has her fuzzy as her #1 comfort object also has made it easier. 

10. So to follow up to my post from a couple weeks ago, today I took both kids to the store by myself again and it was a success! Esther stayed in the cart the whole time and I didn't even have to give her snacks. I just gave her things to put in the cart and play with and she was happy. Adele slept the whole time in the moby wrap. So I feel much better about taking them both out places now. Maybe we'll even get crazy and try the library soon haha. 

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