Saturday, February 27, 2016


We are so glad that spring is almost here! Yesterday we celebrated the warm weather by going to the farm. Esther had so much fun. I took a ton of pictures, so I could get some good 2 year pictures of her. These are only a few of them, the rest I'll share later. 

Esther didn't really care for the animals very much this time. she just wanted to play with the rocks. She kept trying to dig the rocks out of the dirt paths and was so happy when I helped her haha. 

Nothing says spring like chasing giant geese around on green grass :)

Showing me a rock

 Forever finding things to climb on

Adele slept most of the time in the carrier. Until she got hungry then I found a bench out  in a field to nurse her while Esther ran around. It was so nice. I am really looking forward to warmer weather, getting out of the house more, and no more sickness!

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