Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Church History Museum

For FHE on Monday we went to the Church History Museum at Temple Square. Leland and I had both been to this museum before, but they just spent the past year redoing it. It reopened in October just before general conference. It had a lot of neat things for both kids and adults. There were a lot of interactive exhibits with touch screens and short videos. We didn't get to look closely at all the exhibits because Esther kept us pretty fast paced haha. But we had a fun time and I learned a little about church history that I didn't know before. 

She loved all the props that were right down on her level. 

This little store replica had a door that opened and closed and Esther loved going in there. There wasn't even anything in there but she probably would have played here all night if we had let her. 

They had nativities set up from all the different countries in the world. Here is one from Ecuador, where Bennett is on his mission. 

Esther loved the kids section. Most of the things were too hard for her to do, like building a temple with blocks. She kept wrecking other kids temples haha, so we had to keep her corralled in this toddler area. 

The lighting is off in this picture, but it's the only one we got of the three of us. Esther kept looking at the Angel Moroni statue and saying "Jesus". 

We had a fun time until it was time to go. Esther had the winner of all her tantrums so far. I'm pretty sure everyone in that whole museum could hear her screaming. It was past her bedtime and she was letting everyone know it haha. Good thing I have Monsters Inc downloaded on my phone. 

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