Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Esther at 20 Months

Ok it's probably a little ridiculous that I still count Esther's age in months, but I just do it for myself. When other people ask I just say she'll be two in March. It's so crazy that she will be two in four short months. Where has my baby gone?

we go for walks no matter the weather (she actually liked it too).
However I am really loving this age. She talks all the time and learns new words everyday. She can understand about 90% of things I tell her. She still tantrums a lot but she can be talked out of them usually.

Things I don't want to forget:

-She had become so affectionate lately. She finally gives real kisses! Complete with a smooch sound haha. She'll give me a kiss after her naps, about half the time I ask her though. She also kisses all her toys, Leland, animals in books, Loki, basically anything.

-Speaking of affectionate she does this little thing when ever I've been away from her, or if I've just been busy for a while (especially in nursery). She will hug me and pat my back and say "my mama, my mama". It melts me every time! She isn't usually clingy to me so it's nice to know she does miss me. 

-Her being excited. She gets so animated when she's excited. We go to story time every week at the library and she is usually the most enthusiastic one there. I think she is an extrovert and being around other kids makes her very happy. She jumps around and screams with joy the whole time. Same goes for nursery. When we bring the bubbles out she yells " bub-bo!" over and over again.  In these pictures she was so excited to throw the leaves up in the air haha. 

-Her words. She knows too many words to list here but some of my favorites are shape (for her book about shapes), ghos (ghost), punn (pumpkin), bear, ju (meaning juice aka any drink), two (referring to any numbers she sees), walk (which she says when she's pushing her baby in the stroller). She's also started putting a couple words together. When I turn the car off she gets excited and says "we're here!" And a few times when looking for Loki she's said "where he go?" She also says "iss hot" or "iss cold". 

-She's gotten better at us quizzing her. For the longest time she would say nothing on command and she's still like that for most things, but she is good at pointing out her body parts now. She can find her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, hair, hands, feet and toes. She also likes to find things in the books we're reading. She likes the books that have a mouse or something on every page. 

-She is starting to have more favorite things now. Her favorite animals are cat, dog, mouse (mou as she says), and elephant (fent). She also loves the moon, much to Leland's delight. Anytime we're outside, day or night she can spot the moon and gets super excited when she does. She loves her toys more than ever now too, which is nice because she'll actually play by herself for good amount of time. 

-As much as she is starting to show love and excitement for things she is also getting very opinionated about things she doesn't like. Getting buckled in the carseat=torture. Diaper changes are a giant battle and the only way she'll sit in the cart is if she has fruit snacks the whole time. Also if we leave any place ever she generally throws a huge tantrum. The library is the worst. Though now I can tell her we are going home to play with kitty and she calms down haha. 

Taking her into the house when she's asleep is my favorite. 
 As much as I miss her baby days I love seeing this little girl grow up. I've really enjoyed looking back on all the posts I wrote for her first year, so I'm going to keep writing these updates even if they aren't interesting to anyone but me :)

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