Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween we had a few events spread out over the days leading up to Halloween. Esther dressed up as a little black cat and she seemed to like her costume, She kept the hood on the whole time. She hated the face paint however. Leland would have to hold her down for me to put it on her, and you can tell by how it looks lol. The first event was our ward trunk or treat on Wednesday night. There were only about 10 cars there. I guess in this ward they have each car be a game and you have to "win" in order to get the candy. That was kind of weird since Esther was too little for all the games. We had fun though. 

On Friday we went trick or treating at Leland's work. All the employees handed out their own candy so Esther got a ton of good stuff there. She refused to ever say trick or treat or thank you, and most of the time she was too scared to go get the candy. She did like carrying around her bucket though. We didn't get any pictures of this sadly. 

On Halloween Day we went to the zoo in the morning. We had some free tickets and I figured it would be less crowded than a normal Saturday. Esther was kind of cranky while there, but we still had fun. We loved the baby orangutan like last time. Esther also really liked all the birds even the magpies that were flying around. She loved those more than most of the animals in the zoo haha. 

Before we left for the zoo. This is her face when she's done something naughty. 

A really bad picture, but the orangutan was right up against the glass doing tricks for attention :)
Looking at the elephants. 

After the zoo we came home so Esther could take a nap and relax a little. Then later that evening we went trick or treating to all the shops at Jordan Landing. It was fun but there were quite a lot of people there. Esther was done with trick or treating at this point so we didn't stay very long. 

The two little black kittens before we left for trick or treating. 

At one store Esther got a huge handful of saltwater taffy in her bucket. Later while she was looking through her bucket she started pulling out each piece and setting it aside. I thought it was so funny because earlier in the day Leland had been going through all of Esther's candy and sorting it. I didn't think Esther knew the difference well enough to sort it but she did. I guess she is going to be ultra organized just like her Dad :)

This turned out to be a good Halloween. It made me a little sad that we aren't living in Provo anymore because of all the fun things they have for kids to do there, but it's nice for us to make new traditions here too. I can't wait until next Halloween when I have two little girls to dress up. :) 

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