Saturday, November 14, 2015

RIP Mo-man

So today we went to DI. While looking at the Christmas decorations with Esther she saw this snowman and immediately loved it. It had a music box inside that played frosty the snowman. Since it was only $2 and I've been wanting to buy more Christmas decorations anyways we decided to buy it.

After the DI we were planning to go to a park. Well when we got out of the car Esther started screaming and crying when  I made her leave the snow man in the car. Since she was screaming we decided to ditch the park idea and go to golden corral for lunch instead. (My family all hates on golden corral but I love it and was really craving it haha). To keep her from screaming again we let her bring it in while we ate. She was holding it the entire time and calling it "mo-man". 

Later right before bed she was playing with it again. At first I was worried about her breaking it since it was ceramic, but we have 90% carpet in our apartment so I figured it would be fine if it fell. She was loving her snowman and dancing with it while it played frosty the snowman 1000 times. 

Well sure enough right after I took these pictures Esther dropped the snowman on the tiny patch of tile right by our front door. It is probably pregnancy hormones but I was seriously so sad when it broke haha. She loved it so much and was so cute with it. She was a little sad but I think she thought we could fix it or something, Oh well, maybe he'll be back again someday. 

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