Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Musings

Leland is at class tonight (more on that later) and both girls are asleep ( at 7:30pm 🙌) so I thought I would whip up a quick blog post for my 5 faithful readers to peruse. 

1. First things first, Leland is so sweet and got me a new phone for an early Mother's Day/ Bday gift. The camera on it is amazing (compared to what I'm used to) and I love being able to take such great pictures of the girls. Look at this adorableness. 

These pictures were from this weekend. My sister Rickelle was here staying with us and we went out to dinner and to look around the temple grounds. This super cute family picture is pretty accurate ha. 

2. So I had this grand idea to do Whole30 during the month of May. (If you've never heard of it it's basically a paleo diet with no processed foods and no sugars or sweeteners). I made a big meal plan, went shopping for all my foods and got to it. I was feeling pretty strong for the first couple of days and then on day three I started to get a sore throat and then a fever. By the morning of day four  I totally felt like death and made Leland come home from work. It was bizarre since  I rarely get sick and I thought that if I was eating super healthy then I would be less likely to get sick. Anyways I quit obviously and  I stilllll have a sore throat almost a week later. So moral of the story is if you try to quit sugar you might just almost die like I did, 

3. We have been exploring little parks by our new place and today went to a fishing pond with ducks. The girls loved it. Our love of ducks runs deep, 

3, These girls are such little BFFs lately and I'm loving it. 

4. BIG NEWS: A lot of people have probably already heard, but we are in the process of becoming Foster Parents! We are currently working on getting licensed and when/if we do we will hopefully be fostering 1 child ages 0-3. We are super excited and also a little nervous. We know this will be a challenging experience but we really feel called to do it. I will probably do a whole post about how this came about and also to answer questions that anyone has. About us or foster care in general, though I admittedly don't know a ton yet. We are at the beginning of being licensed, which is why Leland is at class right now. But I have been doing endless amounts of internet research so I feel like I am kinda prepared. Anyways ask question in the comments and I will answer them! 


  1. Julianne and Aaron were going to do the foster thing. They were almost done with all the steps and then had a change of plans. I hope it works out for you. Hard stuff. But good you want to take it on.

    1. Yeah we will see if we can pass everything right now or not.


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