Monday, May 1, 2017

Little Things

The girls are currently watching Daniel Tiger, so we'll see if they'll be good long enough for me to get this post done. I have had a harder time finding time to blog (or do anything) since we've moved. I think because there is more house to clean now, and because Esther's quiet time has kinda gone by the wayside. She doesn't have toys in her room here so I don't want to make her stay in there and she hates going downstairs to play by herself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm too lazy to implement it again. 

Anyways, I started this blog post a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to finishing it. #momlife But here are some little things that have been going on with us lately. 

Adele has been getting molars for the last month I swear and it has been hhhhhard. She hasn't been that bad at night surprisingly, just waking up a couple of times and going back to sleep really easily. During the day is a different story. She is so clingy and sad and wants to nurse soooooo much. She is much better around Leland but around me she just wants to be held all day. And not in the carrier, she must be on my hip and I must be walking around entertaining her. *sigh* One year olds are hard. 

 Esther the little sunshine girl. Every morning when the sun shines through the front windows she must go lay down in the sunshine ha. I remember doing the same thing when I was little.

 Adele and her first piggy tails had to be documented.

 Her teething face:

Look at this big girl! I'm not as sad about her growing up as I was with Esther. I'm just trying to enjoy every stage (and knowing she won't be our last helps too). 

Church hair, aka proof that Esther's hair isn't always a frizz ball, or "lion hair" as we call it. :)

Adele and her kitty. She is all about the kitties and babies these days.

 Sweet little sister's after church a couple of weeks ago. They play together more and more now and I love it!

 Little squishy sleeping.

 She looks so big with her hair pulled back.

Totally a Leland face in this photo lol.

Ok this one did make me a little sad because her cheeks look so skinny ha.

 A rare time Esther will hold still for the camera.

Leland and I were able to go on a temple date this weekend. It was great! Yay for living closer to family to babysit :)

My beautiful girl, she insisted on wearing a "sveter" even though it was like 65 outside. 

Her and I have some good one on one time in the yard while Adele naps. (Adele likes to jump off the porch and get into treacherous situations so it's sometimes nice to just be out there with someone who listens to me and doesn't run into the street #stillloveyouAdele) Esther loves to draw with chalk, (airplanes, dada and the heart of Tafiti are her go tos) and find ant piles. She gets soooo into the ant piles, finding food for them, picking them up to take them on a walk 😂 and building them houses ha. Who needs a cat when you have ants for pets?

 Adele has finally overcome her bathtub trauma it seems. She fell in face first when it was filling up once, I pulled her right out but ever since then she screamed the entire time she was in. Today she finally played and had fun in there with Esther and their dolls.

Post bath show in Mama's bed is our new ritual. We all love it. 

This weekend we also went on another hike. It was a "moderate" one to a waterfall. It was very pretty but pretty hard for us ha. 

This pic pretty much sums it up. Me: dying, Adele: "Get me outta here"

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