Monday, March 20, 2017

Moving Highs and Lows

We did it! We moved into our first house this weekend! All the excitment was pretty much overshadowed by the stress spiral of packing/unpacking. These are the 3 solitary pictures I've taken in the past week because things have just been crazy. In the above picture I was trying to pack and Adele was being fussy so I put her in the carrier, then Esther wanted to be carried too I put her on my back and vacuumed ha. It was quite a workout.

Esther is having a very hard time adjusting to such a big change. Yesterday she was saying she wanted to go back home. She has been really regressing with her sleeping (awake for an hour at 4am 👎) and the lack of sleep isn't helping her moods either. Luckily we have no obligations and we can just stay at home everyday for a while while we all adjust. She does love the backyard and the playroom, I'm hoping she gets used to playing without me right next to her soon. 

Adele loves the house and is so happy exploring everywhere. But she came down with a cold on Friday and it turns out it's RSV. She is doing well considering, but we are doing nebulizer breathing treatments to help her out. She has also been sleeping awful (understandable), but between the two of them I am really scraping by in the sleep department. 

So, all in all, we love our house but it is a big transition for all of us. I am really just in survival mode over here. I am very grateful that we live closer to our family now. We really couldn't have gotten through moving day without them.

I am hoping to get unpacked, at least mostly, in the next few days (lofty goals) and maybe after that I will post some picrures here. Or maybe I'll just catch up on sleep. We'll see ;)

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