Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life Lately

Things have been busy and slow at the same time around here. We closed on our house and it is officially ours! We have been going over there to paint and we have a couple more Saturdays of  painting until we move in. It has been fun to start buying furniture and packing and getting ready to move.

A few days ago the girls were exposed to hand foot and mouth disease, and now they both are sick with fevers. They both only have a couple of blisters so far so I am really praying it's mild and that Leland and I don't get it. We are going a little crazy staying quarantined at home, especially Esther who asks all day to play with friends, go play at the new house, or her favorite request, to go to Disneyland. Dream big girl.

Esther's third birthday is on Saturday, we will just do a cake and a couple of presents since she already had her big party. She is so excited though. I will be doing a full post about her soon, 

On Monday we had one last snowstorm. It was the perfect snow for making a snowman. Yours truly did 100% of the above sculptures while Esther pelted me with snowballs, but it was fun anyway ha, 

Adele is 13 months old now, She is the funniest little person. She looks so cute walking around. She's only 2'4" and she marches around our house shouting her gibberish and pointing her tiny finger haha. I love it. She can say more words now like "thank you" and "deh-duh" (Esther).

Esther really loves Adele now that she is more interactive. They finally are starting to play together and last night Esther was begging to have Adele sleep in her bed with her. </3

Adele LOVES her babies and always has one tucked under her arm, Esther really loved dolls at this age too but it didn't last long so I'm curious if Adele will like them longer. Maybe she'll be like me and play with dolls until she's 13. 😭

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