Thursday, March 30, 2017

Adele is 14 Months Old

Adele is 14 months now. It is crazy how much faster it goes the second time around. Adele still feels like my baby and she is! It's crazy to think when Esther was 14 months I was already pregnant again. I am enjoying keeping Adele as my baby a little longer this time around. 

Adele walks and runs and climbs everything. I have a funny video of her going down the slide that I'll need to post soon. She is still super chubby and keeping shoes on her chunky little feet is a challenge ha. She wears size 18 month clothes and has for a while now.

Adele was sick with RSV but is on the mend now. She has gone back to sleeping better and usually just wakes up once in 12 hours. She switched to 1 nap a day and it is usually 2 or 3 hours long. She is a great eater and loves all fruits and vegetables. She isn't a huge fan of any grains unless it's sugary like cookies. 

She is a big Mama's girl and cries whenever I leave the room, though she will usually calm down soon after. She loves nursing still and will nurse 3-7 times a day. Whenever she is sick or teething it is way more, if I let her ha. She has the great habit of tugging on my shirt whenever she wants to nurse, especially when we're in public. Other than that annoying habit our nursing relationship is good and I'm happy to nurse her a while longer. She doesn't need to be nursed to sleep anymore and will usually settle down with Leland rocking her. It's nice that she isn't 100% dependent on me anymore.

Adele is THE most affectionate baby I've ever seen. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She is a little shy so usually it's just our family that she'll give them to, and I'm the lucky one who gets the most. Whenever I am holding her she will wrap her little arms around me and lay on the kisses ha. Whenever she is done nursing she always stands on my lap and gives me a kiss. I love it. She also gives Esther kisses all the time, when they hurt each other or just when they're playing. She also loves to kiss all her toys and stuffed animals. I about die it is so adorable. 

Adele is quite the little mischievous baby. Her favorite activities are rummaging through the cupboards, emptying containers and playing in the toilet. It's ok though all her cuteness makes up for it!


I forgot to add she LOVES to dance! She always shakes her arms to any music we hear. It's adorable. 

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