Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pictures from December

Thanks for all of the concern and nice words about my last post. Esther is doing much better. Her blood work came back a little abnormal so we're continuing to watch her closely, but her fever is finally gone and she is back to acting normally. We've even been able to leave the house a few times :) Here are some pictures of what we've been doing the past week or so.

While she was sick Esther watched so much TV. It's all she wanted to do while she wasn't feeling well. Now that she's better she still wants to keep up the trend and is always asking for "show". Loki loves to lay by her while she watches :)

Attempting to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress before church on Sunday.

Yesterday for FHE we went to a gingerbread house festival. They had some amazing gingerbread houses, cookie decorating, and Santa. 

I talked Santa up all day and showed Esther pictures to try and get her excited to sit on his lap. She was excited until the time came, then she tried to subtly slip off his lap. 

When I put her back on she was not happy about it haha. The rest of the night she kept looking at Santa with a concerned look on her face lol. Santa is going to be at the library story time this weekend so we'll see if she is still scared. 

I already posted this on Instagram, but this picture captures three things Esther loves, her pink cupcake ornament, sitting in the giant shopping carts and her pink fuzzy. 

On Saturday Leland had his work party. It was at the Marriot hotel in Salt Lake. The food was great and his brother Kent was nice enough to babysit for us :)

Other things Esther has been doing lately:

She is obsessed with flying. I think she got it from watching so much Dumbo. She will get any of her toys and put them above her head and say "fly" over and over again haha. She's even been known to use rocks lol. I love seeing her develop a little imagination. 

She has really been getting stubborn lately. She has decided she is over being spoon fed and wants to eat everything by herself. She has to be put in her crib quite often to calm down when she is throwing a tantrum. Luckily she loves her crib and usually calms down within 5 minutes or so. I am hoping she is hitting the terrible twos a little early and will have somewhat resolved these things by the time the new baby is here. Here's for hoping haha. 

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  1. Esther is so adorable! I love that Sunday morning outfit :)


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