Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Book Tradition

 Last year I saw someone on Instagram who posted about a Christmas tradition they had of opening a Christmas book a day until Christmas. I thought it looked like a cute idea so I decided to copy them. I started looking for Christmas books at DI and other thrift shops throughout the year. There were so many there, but I decided to just get board books in good condition. I ended up with 14 books to use.

I wrapped them all and Esther has loved opening them so far. We save it until after dinner (aka witching hour) when Leland is home to read them with us.  I tried to find some about Christ but there weren't many. I plan on collecting more books through out the year and then we will use the same ones every year. It is a simple (and cheap-most of these were around 75 cents) Christmas tradition that will hopefully turn Esther into a book lover like her parents :)

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