Wednesday, December 16, 2015

34 Weeks with #2

Most maternity shirts are getting too small including this one. 

So it's been a little while since I've done an update. Things have been going pretty well. At my 31 week appointment I was measuring 38 weeks, so the Dr had me go for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed baby measuring in the 67th %, so not big (even though growth estimates this late in pregnancy are known to be inaccurate). But the ultrasound did show that I had too much fluid (aka polyhydramnios) but just barely. Normal levels are between 5 and 25 and mine was 26. After getting this diagnoses I was a little worried because it can lead to complications and interventions. I was told to go in for another ultrasound to follow up in 3 weeks to see if the fluid level was rising.

Well today I had the follow up ultrasound. It went great! First of all baby girl was very cooperative and we got some adorable 3D pictures.

I think she looks just like Leland. She is so cute! I never got any 3D pictures with Esther so it was fun to see her. She was also head down (she was breech in the first ultrasound) so that was great news for our vbac plan. When they measured the fluid it was 19 this time. I was so happy! That means I no longer technically have polyhydramnios, so no more follow up ultrasounds. 

Otherwise the pregnancy has been pretty typical. Since I am measuring so far ahead my belly looks full term already, at least to other people. People are very surprised to hear I still have 6 weeks until my due date. I had the following conversations with an lady at Walmart the other day:

Lady: Oh I bet you are having a boy aren't you!?
Me: No actually it's another girl.
Lady: Well you must be due any day now right?
Me: No not until the end of January.
Lady: Oh my, I am usually so good at guessing. 
Me:...( Awkwardly smile and walk away)

Haha strangers really love to comment on the pregnancy. 

I've started to have a lot more heart burn and acid reflux. It doesn't bother me too bad though. At the first ultrasound the tech said she could see that the baby has hair, so I guess the old wives tale is true. I wonder if this baby will have dark hair like Esther did. 

I am pretty uncomfortable these days. We usually rock Esther before laying her in her crib to sleep and that is pretty much impossible with this belly. Same goes for her sitting on my lap. Luckily Leland helps out with those things a lot. Carrying her is getting harder too, I usually have pelvic pain if I carry her too much in one day, Since she is such a runner I've been tempted to get her a leash lol. 

Esther is very cute though. I think she is starting to understand more about the baby. When I ask her where our baby is she will lift up my shirt and kiss my belly haha. It's adorable. We are getting her a new baby doll and some big sister books/videos for Christmas. Hopefully those things will help her transition. 

My 34 week update with Esther is  here for comparison. I think I am bigger this time around but carrying more in the belly. 

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