Tuesday, December 29, 2015


 I have gotten a little behind on the blog. A lot has been going on lately, with Christmas, family visiting and our anniversary. So here is a little catch up post of our Christmas festivities.

We were able to visit Temple Square again this year to see the lights. We actually went twice, and both times we went it was so crowded, but still fun. We were testing out a new baby carrier and Leland was a champ for carrying Esther around the whole night.

Christmas was so fun this year. Esther still doesn't understand much but she does love presents. She has been having some sleep issues and she didn't go to sleep until 10pm on Christmas Eve. We were all super tired. We had to wake Esther up at 8:30 to open her presents because we were skyping with Bennett at 9. She usually doesn't take well to being woken up but when she saw the presents under the tree she perked right up. :) She loved all her presents, but especially her baby and high chair. Skyping with Bennett was fun too. It will be weird to not have that next year since we've had it the past three Christmases. 

 I only got videos of the initial present opening in the morning, so I tried to get a few pictures later in the day. Pictures of Esther these days usually just come out horribly which is why I've been taking more videos. 

I'm pretty sure she thinks the only way to play with these legos is to dump them out all over, then clean them up and repeat. 

Feeding her baby. 

More picture attempts. There was a smudge on my lens :(

Later in the day we went to Leland's sister's house for dinner. Esther loves playing with her cousins and uncles and had a blast there. Afterwards we came home and attempted to feed Esther more food since she had basically only had sugar all day. She is watching a show, aka the only time I can get her to be still for a picture. 

Holding hands with baby:

Since we didn't go down to my parents this year on Christmas they came here the weekend after, They totally spoiled Esther and got her a new play kitchen and a few other toys. She loves her new kitchen, and she loved being the center of attention with so many people too :)

 Of course the box that the kitchen came in was a big hit too!

We had a great Christmas this year. It is nice to be able to keep it simple while Esther is little. I'm sure the years will just keep getting better and better as she gets older. It's so crazy to think that next year we'll have two little girls. I can't wait! 

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