Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

Today we met up with my good friend Calee and her family and went to children's museum at Thanksgiving point. They had a deal where admission was only $2 so it was a steal. But it was also super crowded. We still had a ton of fun though! I really want to come back when Leland can come with us too. 

Waiting outside:

Esther found many fun things to keep her occupied while we waited haha. 

Inside the museum there were exhibits for all ages. There were a few blocked off areas for kids under 3. I loved these because then Esther couldn't run off lol. They were very crowded though. Esther loved "feeding" these bunnies. 

A blurry picture but Esther also had fun in the music room. 

She has learned to look at the camera and this is the face she always gives me lol. Her favorite part was definitely the water!

I had seen pictures of this water table and I knew Esther would love it. She was occupied for a good 20 minutes and probably would have been happy a lot longer!

I'm glad we got to finally check this place out. Thanks Calee for going with us! We had a great time!

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