Monday, August 3, 2015

15 Weeks with #2

These past few weeks have flown by! I can't believe that I'm 15 weeks already. It is definitely true that the second pregnancy goes by much faster. I am enjoying my last months alone with Esther being my baby and although I'm excited for the new baby, I'm not in any huge rush for him/her to get here like I was with Esther's pregnancy. 

Today I had my 15 week doctor appointment. Leland wasn't able to come so I brought Esther with me. We were able to hear the baby's heartbeat right away. It was 147 bpm, a girl according to the old wives tale. I feel like the baby is probably a girl but I honestly have no idea. We could technically find out the gender already but we are going to wait until 20 weeks. I have my ultrasound appointment set up for the first week of September. 

I haven't felt any real-for sure- baby kicks yet. I sometimes feel things and think "was that the baby?". With Esther it was the same way and I felt her first undeniable strong kicks at 17 weeks, so it should be soon!

The morning sickness is finally gone! At least in the mornings. It is so nice to wake up feeling normal. I still get queasy sometimes but it has definitely decreased. I still haven't gained any weight yet, but neither me nor my Dr. are worried. I am sure I will more than make up for it once I hit the third trimester. 

At my appointment today my belly was measuring 19 weeks. 4 weeks ahead just like with Esther. This time I won't let them try to scare me by telling me my baby is huge though! I am definitely showing. I wear maternity clothes most the time because they are just more comfortable, most my old clothes do still fit though. Here is a little picture from Esther's pregnancy for comparision. I am wearing the same dress and I am 16 weeks. I am a lot bigger this time around! I also think I am carrying a lot lower than last time, but I guess time will tell. Don't worry, there will be plenty more comparison pics :) 

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