Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Hunt for a Double Stroller

*see what I did there?

Ever since I found out we were expecting another baby (and, let's be honest, way before that) I've been researching double strollers. Since we already have pretty much all baby items we need this is the only big thing we need to buy. So I've been investing a lot of time into figuring out which stroller we should get. The things I am looking for are:

-Price: We don't have a ton of money to spend on a stroller. And it seems today strollers are so expensive! Leland and I have a bit different ideas on what affordable means when it comes to strollers. But since I know we will use this stroller so much, and for many years with all our kids I'm comfortable investing a little more into something that will last longer. 

-Carseat: I want something that can fit the Graco carseat we already have. I know some people don't like hauling the carseat around, but I loved using the carseat in the stroller when Esther was tiny. 

-Seat Recline: I want both seats to be able to recline so that both kids could sleep at the same time if they need to. This probably won't happen very often but for all day outings it is a necessity to nap on the go. So this automatically rules out a sit and stand stroller. 

So here are the 3 strollers I have narrowed it down to. 

1. Graco DuoGlider $135 on Amazon

-cheapest option that fits our criteria
-no additional adaptor needed for our carseat
-snack trays/cupholders for both seats and the parent

-snack trays are hard to remove making it difficult to get kids in and out
-front seat is small and slanted slightly forward, looks hard to sleep in
-I wonder if the baby in the back would be able to see out?

2. Contours Options Elite $299 on Amazon

-I love all the different seating options with this stroller!
-Removable seats makes for a smaller folded size
-Both seats recline fully, plus the canopies make it great for naps
-Comes with the carseat adaptor

-No snack trays
-No parent tray/cupholder

3. Britax B-Agile Double $359 on Amazon

-Side by side, but still narrow enough to fit through standard doorways
-Both parent tray and child trays can be bought separate
-Can be used for jogging?
-Best recline for infants and napping

-Car seat adapter must be bough separate ($35) 

So after reviewing our options I really don't know which one we will go with. My favorite is #2 and Leland's favorite option is not buying a double stroller. So will we compromise with #1? We shall see. Probably the only way we would get option 3 would be if we could find it used for a good price.  Are there any other great double strollers out there that I'm missing?!


  1. I have (and LOVE) our Phil and Ted's
    I am pretty sure we have the Classic version. We bought ours used off of Craigslist for $200. (and that included the second seat and front seat cross bar and parent double cup holder and zip pouch) I think they go for $400 or higher brand new. Hence I got it used, still in great condition for half the price! I seriously love it! It is very easy to maneuver. I can run with it. It folds easily and fits in the trunk of our car. The seats recline. I know they sell an adapter for car seats. But I have never used that feature. I love that it is inline and not double wide. I think your option #2 looks like a wonderful option too! Out of the three you listed I'd choose #2.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those used. I didn't know they made inline joggers.


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