Friday, June 23, 2017

June Things

Father's Day Weekend:

For Father's Day weekend we went hiking. We did two hikes on Saturday, both part of Leland's work challenge. They were both waterfall hikes and very pretty. 

Afterwards we went to a chalk festival put on by Utah Foster Care. It was really fun. Adele loved the giant bubbles they had and Esther loved getting her face painted. Afterwards she said "now I look just like snapchat!" #moderndaychildrenproblems

On Sunday we had church at 9am so Leland wasn't able to sleep in. He also didn't want pictures taken, :( but it was his day so I let it slide. We did make his favorite cookies and gave him lots of chocolate. 

My Bday:

On Wednesday I turned 24. Now I finally kinda feel old enough to have two kids. Leland's brother Alex was also in town from Texas so Leland took the day off work. We just hung out all day and I took the girls to the library. Then that evening we went to Leland's sister's house for dinner and cake. It was a great birthday. I wanted pictures with my girls #photosaremylovelanguage but Esther wasn't interested. Adele was more than happy to oblige though.

Foster Care Classes: I am almost done with my foster care classes. I have loved going (and spending 8 hours a week out of the house). The classes cover a wide variety of topics like trauma, ptsd, parenting, self care etc. I have learned so much. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the classes.

Now that I am almost done with the classes we just need to make copies of all our documents, take a cpr class and mail everything in. Then we will begin the home study process.

E & A: The girls have been crazy and cute like always. Adele seems to be getting back to her normal self after getting her molars in.

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