Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Adele at 16 Months

Adele is 16 months old as of May 28th. So time for an update and way too many pictures. :)

Adele was pretty hard as an infant. She had reflux for her first 6 months, wouldn't sleep unless next to me or in the swing, wouldn't take a binky or a bottle and nursed alllllll the time. Still I love babies and I love her and it didn't really bother me that much. 

1 year olds are harder for me. Esther was an easy baby, really hard at 1, a little easier at 2 and a lot easier at 3. It looks like Adele is on the same track (hopefully). 1 year olds are just hard for me, they can't communicate, can't follow commands, can't understand or wait or anything. Both girls have had lots of tantrum at age 1 and Esther's lessened after that. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations for them but most of the time it seems like they don't even know what they want. They're just trying to figure everything out. I think terrible ones are more accurate than terrible twos for my kids. 

Adele is a big Mama's girl and is in a separation anxiety phase right now. (I'm really hoping it's just a phase.) She wants me to hold her and play with her all day. If I walk out of the room she cries, if I go to the bathroom she cries and pounds on the door. Usually if we aren't at home she is better as long as I am close by, like at the park. She doesn't do it with Leland or anyone else who watches her. It makes it really hard to get things done but I try to remember that she is more important than a clean house. When I remember that and take the time to hold her she is usually less fussy for a while. 

Surprisingly Adele loves to go to nursery. Even though she isn't 18 months yet, she started going in when we drop Esther off and doesn't want to leave. Since Esther is usually the only one in nursery the teachers don't mind. They love Adele and want her to stay ha. So we have started leaving her for half hour or so and she loves it. 

Adele has been teething and hasn't been as big on food as she used to be but she still eats pretty well. Her favorites are blueberries, cuties, strawberries, and spaghetti. She still loves to nurse and will ask to all the time on a fussy day, but on a normal day she usually nurses 3-4 times and once at night. I nursed Esther to 16 months so I've passed that now with Adele. Breastmilk is so healthy for her and it gets her to sleep really quickly so I'm totally fine going for a while longer. She loves her milk and will now say and sign "milk milk please" whenever she wants it. It is so cute it's hard to resist!

Adele loves Esther "DehDer"  most of the time. They play well together half the time and fight over toys the other half. It is so cute how much Adele tries to be like Esther and is influenced by her. Adele now loves princesses and recognizes Cinderella anywhere we go, same for Dumbo. We will have to get Adele her own Dumbo soon since she loves Esther's so much. I am glad that they have each other and I'm sure they'll be closer as they get older. 

Adele loves to talk and has really picked up words quickly, probably thanks to Esther talking so much. Some of my favorites are Dumbo (buhbo), Cinderella (Rellra for all princesses), and Oh No which she says whenever something drops. She also knows most of the basic body parts and most animal sounds.

Her signature "hold me" stance. 

Little runway model :) 

Her hair is getting longer and lighter in the sun. 

She loves to eat with a spoon so she can be just like Esther. 

Even though she has her tough points she is so adorable. I love seeing her discovering everything and experiencing it for the first time. She is still so cuddly and loving and will give me kisses all day. I love you so much my sweet Baby Dell!

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