Monday, June 12, 2017

All Esther

Here are some of Esther's latest and greatest quotes. It is so fun how much she is learning and understanding now. 

Me: Esther you need shoes to go outside.
Esther: Mama, my feet like to be free just like Punzel!

Dental Hygenist: I'm going to tickle your teeth with this silly string.
Esther: It's not silly string, it's floss!

Esther singing I'm a Child of God:
Has given me an earthly home, with parents kindof dear. 

Esther: Let's listen to lady gaga!

Esther: "I put water in my eyes. I did. So I can see in the dark. Just like Loki! Loki has water in his eyes and he can see in the dark!"

Come on guy!

Me: in 2 days we're going to grandmas!
Esther: not two grandmas, just one grandma

Me: What is going on out there?
Esther: Don't worry, I'm wiping Adele's tears.

Esther: I have an owie on my toe.
Me: Oh what happened?
Esther: Kitty bite me!
Me: Are you sure that's what happened?
Esther: Yeah she did! She put her head down and bite me! Mean little kitty...

Me: Look there's a big crow.
Esther: That crow ated our carrots! Mean little big crow! Get out of here crow!

Esther: I'm a good mama to dumbo. 
Me: Yeah, but what about Mrs. Jumbo?
Esther: She not his Mama, IIIIII his Mama! I take good care of Dumbo. 

Getting ready for the splash pad
Esther: "Mama you don't have your swimsuit on!"
Me:"Yeah I'm not getting wet."
Esther:" You're going to walk on the water just like Heavenly Father?!?" 

Esther: "I stuck my hands in the butter of goo"

Adele was wearing a ruffly romper.
Esther: What is Adele wearing?
Me: A romper.
Esther: She's a princess now! She's not Gusgus anymore!

At a restaurant (loudly)
E:Mama, you have a baby in your belly?
Me: No, there's not a baby in my belly right now. 
Esther: I want to go back in your belly...

Esther hands me flowers and says "Here Mama, you get married with these flowers and then have a baby in your belly".

(She went through pregnancy obsession phase 😂)

After I had accidentally dropped something in the toilet.
Esther: Oh, stupid Mama.
*I was trying so hard not to laugh, but later we had a talk about the word stupid*

Esther: Adele is mine. She is my baby. She is my favorite baby.

Esther introducing Adele to some kids at the park. "This is my baby Adele and she is my best friend!"

Esther: "I can do it all by myself-is"

After her foot fell asleep
"There are bugs in my foot! Now I'm turning into a raisin!"

Esther looking through pictures in the scriptures. "In this one Jesus is sad because his Mama is gone and in heaven. In this one he is happy because his Mama came back from heaven!"

Esther was running away when I was trying to get her ready for bed.
Me: Esther come back, why are you running?
Esther: I'm nervous about you.
Me: Why are you nervous?
Esther: I'm afraid of you and your mean eyes!

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